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Mehmet Musa, born in 1999 in Istanbul. He started to draw at a very early age. The cartoon shows on TV affected him deeply. When he learned how drawings could move in such a way, he understood that he needed to enter this world. To make this dream come true, he spent his whole childhood searching for creative progress behind the cartoons and video games he liked. In middle school, with the help of his painting teacher, he started an art course that trains students for the university. After practicing for a while, he took a short break. Then he returned in the middle of high school and continued his education in the course until the end of high school. After entering Maltepe University Cartoon and Animation Department with first place, he left his art course. At university, he learned how to create worlds with a solid chain of causations and how to produce original concepts. By doing short-term internships in several different companies, he learned about the market and ways of professional production. He started preparations for Japan, the eastern heart of animation, to enrich his knowledge. Along with these, he continues to work on his art, learning new techniques and trying to put a higher quality job in compared to his previous work.

I believe that the increase in the rate of consumption of the produced content of today's consumers accelerates the production sector at the same amount and moves away from the old production quality. Therefore, animations, movies, and video games produced from the 1980s to the 2000s were the fuel for my productivity. In my works, I build a bridge between the high-quality productions of the old period and the rapid consumption approach brought by today's modern world and aim to present my concepts as original as possible, inspired by the sources from which clichés arise. I prefer to work in 2D because of the lack of spirit I have while working in 3D. For me, drawing the characters, again and again, makes me even more connected with them. This bond makes me feel inside of the worlds I have imagined. Therefore, the feeling of working in two dimensions is entirely different for me.



Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Cartoon and Animation


Derya Öncü College Class of Foreign Languages


Libra Softworks (Intern)

Mayadem (Intern)

ZNN Network (Intern)

Lighthouse VFX (Illustration & Motion Graphics Artist)

Hero Concept (Animation Artist)

Program Experience

Adobe Photoshop (Advanced)


ClipStudio Paint (Advanced)

Adobe Premier (Advanced)

Adobe After Effects (Intermediate)


ToonBoom Harmony (Beginner)

Specialized Courses

​2D Character Animation

3D Character Animation

Character Design

3D Character Modeling

Commercial Animation

Color Theory

Storyboard and Art of Animatic Design



Experimental Animated Film Production

Visual Effects Design

Visual Story and Script Writing

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